Perfumes are part of my daily life and i love indulging myself in different scents regardless of how many i already have, the price or time of the year. I know some prefer to find only one signature perfume and stick to it but am definitely one of those who love trying out different perfumes.

I will be honest i sometimes buy these perfumes just for the sake of the pretty bottles/packaging which will in turn decorate my dressing table (yes i admit), However i do buy most perfumes because i genuinely love the scent. I thought i should share my 5 favourite perfumes from my collection.



Lola Eau de Parfum (Marc Jacobs)

I love love love this perfume and it clearly was love at first sight. I have to admit i fell in love with the pretty bottle when i came across it at first. Shall we take a moment to appreciate the shape and the beautiful over the top bouquet exploding from the bottle in amazing colours. When i decided to smell it, i was swept off my feet with it’s sensual, alluring and irresistible scent. I am definitely a marc jacobs perfume addict as he always delivers 2 in 1 a scent to live for and gorgeous bottle/packaging to go with it.

Dolce Eau de Parfum (Dolce&Gabbana)

Dolce is quite different from most of the perfumes am used to, as i find myself reaching for it frequently. There is something about it that i can’t quite place my hands on. It’s very gentle, feminine, unique and flowery. Each spray always reminds me of spring/summer time. The bottle is more on the vintage side but the flower stopper with the black ribbon is the cutest thing ever!

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum (Jimmy Choo)

Oh Jimmy Jimmy how i love you so but seriously this perfume is very strong, commands respect and is very out there once used one can’t hide it. I always get asked what perfume i have on anytime i use it. A lot of people usually recognise the scent and pay me compliments but i have saved it only for occasional use because of it’s strong smell. The bottle/packaging i find quite normal nothing special but the scent gets me all the time.



Euphoria Eau de Parfum (Calvin Klein)

This is my “go to” perfume of all times and the scent practically lasts all day. when a scent is this good one can’t help but go back to it over and over again that’s why am almost running out of the one i have and definitely have to restock. You can’t go wrong with this scent with it’s clean, unsual and seductive smell and can wear it for any occassion. I get tons of compliment whenever i wear it and it’s beautiful bottle/packaging adds that extra oomph.

Boss Orange Eau de Toilette (Hugo Boss)

For the life of me i still can’t understand how this perfumeΒ warmed it’s way into my favourite but am glad it did. Firstly the name doesn’t do much for me as the “orange” part suggested it will have some sort of citrus smell and that did put me off initially. The bottle/packaging is ok but nothing special and the scent at first can be a little bit discouraging but once it settles for few minutes, it is warm, relaxing and very addictive.

I will be sampling and adding new perfumes to my collection which i look forward to sharing with you soon. Let me know what your favourite perfumes are.

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16 thoughts on “Scentsational

  1. I adore your sense of humour with regards to your taste and most importantly the way you eloquently discribed what actually spur you on when it comes to perfume. Unfortunately ‘am a complete contrast to you with an I don’t care attitude to perfume.
    Truthfully, I do ware perfume but can’t be bothered about – colour, bottle or maker as long as is wareable count me in. That said, remember I am only given my candid opinion and not at all trying to spoil or challenge your taste/affection for perfume.


  2. My favourite perfume of all time is Coco Mademoiselle Chanel (actually I get freaked by any Chanel fragrance)! Also Salvador Ferragamo but would try out the Marc Jacobs range sometimes.


    1. Awww chanel perfumes are definitely a yes yes as well and i have heard a lot of good reviews about it i will definitely try a chanel perfume as well soon…..thank you


  3. I am currently using Jimmy Choo blossom eau de parfum and am really luving lasts d whole day nd all..however one of my all time favorite is narcisso Rodriguez eau de parfum..d smell is subtle yet sensational…


  4. As much as I like perfume I don’t have a favourite one.I love to try different scent but don’t like strong smell …..My collection include Gucci,Burberry ,sjp,Lacoste,Dior etc.Don’t care about the shape or the colour of the bottle.All the same u got good tasteπŸ’‹


  5. Oh Mayo, u are absolutely spot on with ur collection, I have a similar collection, however… I still find it very difficult to choose a favourite, but if I am to narrow it down to my top 5- Coco Mademoiselle Chanel, YSL parisiene, Marc Jacob Dot (beautiful packaging), Armani DIamond (if diamond had a smell, this would be it) and finally it has to be La vie et belle by LancomΓ© (this perfume last the whole day, and everyone loves it old or young just a beautiful scent. Ok I ll stop now but the list continue…


    1. Awww thank you so much…. me n u same on packaging. Heard about the armani but not tried it yet and chanel seems to be popular on everyone’s list so i will definitely be trying it soon.


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