Hemp in a Box


If anyone ever told me in the past that i would use hemp seed oil in any form on my skin, i would have said “never” and laughed it off but here i am. I popped into the body shop recently to stock up on my beauty products as i normally would every month and i was able to speak to one of the staff about wanting to try a different product for extremely dry skin as i am a new mum and i find myself  constantly putting my hands in water so many times in a day which in turn dries out my skin.


I normally alternate between the body shop’s mango body butter and honeymania body butter but the lady asked if I had tried their hemp seed oil range and that it actually really works. Ordinarily i won’t have been willing to try it out as i would assume she is only trying to increase the store’s sales but she seemed sincere and encouraged me to try a little sample on my hands and the difference was very clear. I immediately grabbed the gift set which came in a collectible aluminium box as it was cheaper than buying each of the product from the range individually. Included in the box  were the products below;

Hemp Body Butter 

Hemp Hand Protector

Mini Hemp Foot Protector

Hemp Lip Conditioner
I am all for finding and using products that actually works rather than fancy products that refuses to deliver it’s worth. I was blown away by the instant result and it really did deliver heavy-duty moisturization, smoothened my skin and it’s non greasy. I have to say the smell is not all that fancy so that did put me off initially but once I began using it frequently, i was sold.

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