Starting University?


I still remember vividly packing my bags and counting down to my very 1st day at uni.The sheer excitement of starting the unknown and moving unto the next chapter in life was such an amazing feeling. The day finally arrived leaving family/friends and the hustling/bustling of London to a more relaxed Brighton with a lovely beach to go with it. Now that I have left uni i feel there are some tips and few things i could share that may benefit you when starting uni.


I wish someone told me this when I was starting out because i was that over generous fresher who gave out most of her cooked meal and food stuff to her fellow housemates whilst they kept theirs for later. During those first few weeks you will need all your home cooked meals/food stuffs/ goodies you brought with you because it’s not easy to cook yet especially if you don’t have all the utensils/kitchen appliances you need, some uni halls appliances may not work immediately, still finding your feet in the new place not to talk of all those freshers’ activities/event to have to attend hence there won’t be much time to cook.


I can’t stress the importance of the little things enough, am talking door stopper which goes a long way when you are moving your things into the uni halls as the doors usually don’t stay open and you have no one to stand there holding the doors for you and the worst part is some doors might need keys every single time it closes to unlock it. Mattress protector is key as I didn’t think of one when i bought my bedding. Think of it this way so many people year in year out have used that bed and sometimes it may not be left in good condition with the likes of bed bugs, foul smell and damp patches forming maps on the mattress you will be glad you have that protector to lay on it before spreading your bedding on top. Also, for those plain walls you will want to decorate by hanging pictures/art etc and most uni halls or rented accommodation will have rules against damaging walls or having any marks on the wall so having things like hangings strips/washi tape/blu tack will definitely come in handy but i personally used the hanging strips as they remove cleanly with practically no marks on the wall.


We all know how uni student tend to be broke every now and then (being broke is real) but you can make it more bearable by getting a part-time job if you can depending on your course/timetable/availability. The one thing I would emphasise on is to get out there and start applying now before other students find the time to, as it gets really competitive and you can be ahead of the game by applying weeks ahead. Having a student account helped me a lot as it came with interest free overdraft and 30% off my rail travel which saved me money when i used to travel back and forth between london and Brighton. Having a NUS extra card is a great way to get good discounts and save money when dinning and shopping. When it comes to food/home shopping, pair up with your housemates as there’s no use having 6 jars of salts for 6 people when you can all save money on such things. Look out for reduced prices on food/fruits in your nearest supermarket as I found mine then used to slash certain fruit and roast chicken prices up to 70% off in the evening. Use any skill you have to make some extra cash e.g hair styling, baking etc.

I hope you find these tips helpful as you start out your university journey and time really does fly by quickly (though easier for me to say now that I have finished from uni) so enjoy your course, make loads of friends and create defining moments that you can remember for a very long time.








  1. Missy
    18th September 2016 / 13:56

    well said Mayo. I was very excited to be going to uni 6 hours away from home.Applying for job wasn’t on my agenda at the initial stage but after I pay my rent,pay for bills there is hardly anything left for enjoyments LOL so I had to depend on parents and friends for money which can be embarrassing and annoying sometimes .

    • Mayorie
      19th September 2016 / 14:50

      Thank u missy i completely agree with u on that and the worst part was having to explain to family/friends what you needed money for ……..quite awkward most times.

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