img_20160917_210114As it was my birthday few days ago, (22nd sep) I wanted to share a bit more about myself so you my lovely readers can get to know me more on a personal note. Something different from the usual beauty/fashion/lifestyle posts, that i have been sharing since i started blogging. So i thought the best and fun way to get that across will be to share with you random things about me so let’s dive straight into it.

  1. I can only watch any movie once (after once I don’t see the point watching it again as i already know the storyline).
  2. I am married to an amazing guy.
  3. I love Ben &Jerry’s ice cream a lot and I have the karamel sutra core flavour every single day (yep everyday).
  4. I was born in Nigeria.
  5. I can’t stand comedy movies (I just don’t see the point).
  6. I use a lot of toilet tissue/ pocket tissue/kitchen towel and my family says I need my own tissue company to manufacture it because i use loads of it.
  7. Anytime I walk past a mirror whether at home or when i am out i always check myself out (vanity).
  8. I am the 1st child of my parents.
  9. I have a gorgeous little son who is 4 months old (yep I am a mum).
  10. I am constantly tidying up if things are not in place (my friend says it’s OCD but I say its cleanliness).
  11. I can speak/write 2 languages fluently English and Yoruba.
  12. I am not allergic to anything hence I can eat anything and everything.
  13. I love cooking.
  14. I can sleep for days….i love my sleep.
  15. I prefer romantic movies.
  16. I used to prove read  essays/dissertation for masters/PhD students whilst I was at uni.
  17. My 2 favourite colours are yellow and purple.
  18. I am not a morning person.
  19. I have never watched Titanic movie (I know unbelievable !).
  20. I am right-handed.
  21. Give me chocolate and you are my bestie for life (I love chocolate that much).
  22. I drink tea so many times a day (can’t do without tea).
  23. I can’t whistle.
  24. My favourite food is Rice and grilled goat meat.
  25. I can’t ride a bike.
  26. I believe in God and I am a christian.
  27. I have seen every episode of NCIS.
  28. I don’t like tattoos.
  29. I used to play netball back in college and was part of the college team.
  30. I don’t drink water (just find it boring but I will start drinking soon as part of my new healthy reform).
  31. I cried throughout the entire Inside Out animated film(how embarrassing).
  32. I love spicy food.
  33. Anytime I buy bread i always bin the top/bottom slice part (don’t like those bits).
  34. I love rap music and my 2 favourite rappers are Kanye West/ Drake.
  35. My favourite movie of all time has to be “P.S I LOVE YOU .
  36. I don’t put sugar in my tea.
  37. I don’t keep pets (just not my thing).
  38. I don’t like the smell of raw egg.
  39. I once slept off on a train and I was taken completely out of town by the time i woke up.
  40. I have a familiar face (the amount of times people walk up to me saying I look like someone they know).
  41. It bothers me if anyone I know is sad/unhappy (I make it my business to cheer them up).
  42. I am constantly taking pictures of anything and everything.
  43. Food/cloth shopping are part of my favourite things to do.
  44. I have a very loving younger brother.(yep just us 2).
  45. I am quite hands on when it comes to fixing household devices/appliances.
  46. Summer is my favourite time of the year.
  47. I love receiving flowers.
  48. You will find me constantly scrolling through my phone.
  49. I believe in positive thinking and encouraging people around me.
  50. My favourite quote has to be “We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” by Aristotle .


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      15th January 2017 / 19:25

      Thanks Helen for stopping by😊

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