Introducing “RIE TALK” (Social Media)

photogrid_1476703795339Welcome back to my blog and if you are new hello hello (wide grin). Something rather different on today’s blog, yep! as you can tell from the title a new section of the blog called RIE TALK is born! The “RIE” came from the blog name “MAYORIE” and it’s going to be a WEEKLY chatty, informal section where I will discuss topics and share relevant life experiences.

What better topic to kickstart this new section than social media itself. Social media is a huge topic to talk about and we are all involved in one way or another. Whether you consider yourself a frequent user or an occasional one, it somehow always find its way into our daily life.

Not a day goes by without me checking at least one of my social platforms like instagram, snapchat, twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, watsapp you name it all the social apps I have installed on my phone, scrolling and checking who posted what/tweeted what and what’s trending. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t spend all my time on social media when i have things to do or busy, that is something i do during my free time when i have some time to spare. I can’t even remember what socializing was like before all of these platforms came to be. I have been involved pretty much in a lot of the old platforms too and i mean way back with the likes of Bebo, MySpace, hi5 etc (yep way down the line!).

There is this constant debate/discussion on whether social media really does make life better or makes it worse. I am not even going to start explaining points from both sides because this post will be far too long  and it could continue for ages so lets leave that to the press (shall we). Whichever way you look at it, there is no denying the power social media commands and how it influences the world. Picking which side to be on will be shaped by your perspective, personal encounter and word of mouth. As for me, I simply love how it connects people together, it helps with employment and even goes as far as improving quality of life by providing support groups which creates awareness on less talked about diseases such as mental health etc. However, like most things in life it comes with the good, bad and the ugly so personally I tend to take advantage of the good side and use it to fullest. Moving forward to the future, will more sides of social media emerge? That’s something we will all have to wait and see.

What do you think about this new section of the blog? What are your thoughts about social media in general? I would love to know in the comments below.

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