Let it go!

20161217_203434-01As the year draws to a close with the festivities all in the air, i can’t help but reflect on what a year 2016 has truly been. So many moments some good others not so good. I am all for focusing on good times as these are Β what gets me through and remind me of how far i have come in life and if i must blow my own trumpet i must say i have done well for myself so far. This year has been my best year yet because i welcomed my son into this world and Love for me got a whole new different meaning which I can’t really explain to you right now(can’t find the words!).

I also started my blog this year which IΒ never thought i would be able to do because i have always thought who will bother to read it. I am grateful to you my readers/followers for being so lovely and amazing and i would honestly have no blog without you guys liking and leaving me sweet and lovely comments.

I have to confess I haven’t always been the type to focus on the good all the time as the bad times does tend to pull me down and overshadow the good times and in the past i struggled to focus on the good times and being grateful. This year brought its own hard and sad times as any other time in life and for a split second all my focus on positive/good times only flew out of the window. I was able to gather my thoughts and remind myself it’s ok to express my feelings during the not so good times as long as i don’t let it take over me nor depict the future.

We tend to make so many plans, set targets that once we achieve them we move on to the next without taking a moment to appreciate our achieved goals. I sometimes get upset when my plans or goals don’t go accordingly but I have come to learn that sometimes it’s not meant to be and it’s ok to let it go. I would encourage you today as you read this post to focus on the great things 2017 has in store for you and let go of whatever didn’t go to plan in 2016. I strongly believe 2017 will be all kinds of amazing!

See you in 2017….Love you all.


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