Tips on Goals and Aspirations 2017

Being a virgo has its perks and it means i like to stay very organised all the time. Every year i like to set my goals and aspirations like many of us do as i find it helps me stay on track and gives me the chance of spreading my wings and aiming high. Some like to just have these goals/aspirations in mind whilst others prefer to write them down and tick off each completed goal with pure satisfaction. I used to be part of the initial (keep in mind) group but now I am a proud member of the latter!


Last year I started writing down my goals and i found that i actually achieved more percentage of my goals compared to when i didn’t. It wasn’t just because it was written down, it was more of the constant reminder every time i looked at it and the push it gave me to go over and beyond to achieve that very goal. The satisfaction i also got from ticking it off after completion left me flying on cloud nine literally! This year will be no different and here are some of the tips that have helped me so far and I hope you can pick one or two tips to help you as well.


Review 2016– No matter how great 2016 was, there is always room for improvement. It is always good to look back and truly analyse how the year was for you and how it affected you generally. You can also use the opportunity to recap on previous goals/aspirations and if they were met and how you met them.


Decide on a vision– You can set yourself a vision or theme as some people prefer to call it, which will in turn guide your goals. I find it useful to do this because in most cases it links the goals/aspirations together and prevents me from making list of too many completely unrelated things.




Set goals to your vision– This is my favourite part of all and I like to use lovely stationery for this. Try not to set too many at once as it tends to overwhelm and you might end up with so many goals/aspirations partly done. There are no rules here and always go for what works best for you and you can always make up more goals as you go through the year.



Make the effort– Now with all those list made, nothing will be achieved if you don’t actually put the work  and effort in. Put yourself out there and reap the rewards.



Remove distractions– This can come in all forms and can be different for everyone. What distracts you might not distract me at all. It is important that you recognise any form of distraction that may stop you from achieving those set goals.



Be open minded– After all the above steps it is important that you realise that just because you want something and planned well for it doesn’t necessarily mean it will go as planned or even happen at all. It might take a different turn or happen in a whole different way hence, you should try to keep an open mind to deal with the situation when that happens. You can then decide if you are willing to accept and follow the different path or not.


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Do you already use any of these steps? what other tips can you share? let me know in the comments below.



  1. 20th January 2017 / 13:49

    Love this post! What a gorgeous little blogging space! 🙂 I am like you super organised too which luckily comes in handy hehe 🙂 Also some great tips here! XO

    • Mayorie
      20th January 2017 / 15:00

      Thank you so much.. am glad you love it. So lovely to know we are alike i guess we are now online twins😊

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