Life lessons i have learnt

img_20170126_153326_767Hello lovelies, hope you are all having a great week? I wanted to share with you some lessons I have learnt so far in life. Generally in life some things happen for a clear reason and we might be too adamant to accept it and see it as a lesson to be learnt. Over the years i have learnt so many lessons which helped me on my journey into becoming who i am today and i am forever grateful for that.

  • what others think of me is none of my business.

No matter how much I try to please people and help them, there will always be some that are not satisfied.Years wasted worrying about what others will say or think about me hasn’t done me any favours. I know people who have constantly judged me and always assumed the worst of me but you know what, that’s ok as it is not my business what they think.

  • Not Everyone  needs my help.

I was always looking out for people and being there to help them and offer support non-stop. I was constantly  passionate about making sure everyone around me was comfortable and ok. This act of passion backfired so many times and it showed me if someone is not ready to be helped then it’s no good helping such person. Also, I can’t force my help and act of kindness on others, if they need help they will ask for it.

  •  what you give is not what you get.

I can’t even begin to count how many times this has happened over the years where I gave my 100% and what i received in return was nothing compared. I am a firm believer of treating people how i intend to be treated but after years of treating people right i didn’t receive the same treatment most of the times. It just goes to show that just because i believe in treating people well doesn’t mean others are willing to do the same.

  •  Don’t judge a book by its cover.

I have fallen victim to this far too many times but now I know better. In the past i have overlooked opportunities because of how they appear and ironically i usually end up with the things i ignored initially. Now i am not usually so quick to discard things just by the way it appears or look because once i delve deeper i am usually amazed at what’s on the inside.

  • Choose your friends wisely.

Now this won’t come as a shock to you  as we have all been there done that. I have had so many friends at different stages of my life. Some friends I have had since childhood and others i met along the way. Some i wish i had never met when i think of their impact on my life and others i wished i had met sooner  because of their true friendship. I am right to say i am wiser than i used to be and when it comes to friends i have learnt my lessons  in a very big way.

What life lessons have you learnt?





8 thoughts on “Life lessons i have learnt

  1. U are right, it’s not my business wat others think of me, it’s their headache . People like to take, take n take n not give, they take advantage of ur kindness. This year I’m discarding bad Belle friends n keeping d gud ones🙅

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  2. i have learnt that am responsible for my own happiness in life,
    expect nothing from anyone so you don’t get disappointed (it’s easier that way.lol)
    and be the best u can be 4 ursef but be kind and humble.
    am still learning more thou

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  3. Back in the days I worry so much about what people think of me but now I really don’t care as you can’t please everyone . As for friends,I have Learnt so much from friends in the past and still learning and understanding what friendship is lol

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