Good Riddance!

cymera_20170208_151714Welcome back to another weekly talk. January is finally over and it felt like the longest month ever. I am glad we are in February and excited to get on with the rest of this wonderful year. That being said, let’s get into this week’s topic. By now, reality should have set in for most of us in terms of the new year goals/resolutions/aspirations we made at the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are still hanging onto 90% of the people/things that are still hindering our goals and putting us down and today I am here to remind us it’s time to get rid of all distractions, hindrances, naysayers and get on with your goals/resolutions/aspirations.

Luckily, the year is still fresh and don’t feel you have let yourself down again because it’s just February and there is still the rest of the year to go. You can start working towards achieving those goals/resolutions/aspirations today. It may be difficult to get rid of people/things as hindrances may come in form of family members, loved ones, friends but you need to remember how long will you keep letting go of your own goals/aspirations just to please others? I just want you to be able to look back on today in future and say “good riddance“!

What distractions/hindrances will you be getting rid of today?


9 thoughts on “Good Riddance!

      1. Definitely not for a soldier like me…. When betrayal and deception is all I know…. Where I’m from being friendly can get you left in the woods or in the streets face down… But I swear I’m starting to realize there are some ok people in life… Just not were I reside….


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