Tag Jewellery – Fontana bracelet Review

I absolutely love  adding accessories to my outfit as it takes the whole look to a whole new different level. So you can imagine my  excitement when I received this gorgeous 3 piece bracelet. This gold, silver  and rose gold crystal elasticated bracelet was sent to me by Tag Jewellery.



I adore the look and feel of this piece and don’t even get me started on how beautiful it looks when all 3 are stacked together.I particularly love the fact that it is elasticated, making it easier to put on and take off. I have received so many lovely compliments about the bracelet ever since i started wearing it.



If you like to add accessories to your look as well then check out their beautiful range of jewellery on their website here. I will definitely be getting a good use out of this bracelet as i have been able to successfully pair it with different styles of outfits so far.

What is/are your favourite(s) Jewellery from Tag Jewellery? Do you own any of their Jewellery?


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