Why i decided to move on

Hello my lovelies, how are you and hope you are all having a great week? I know I am and I hope you are too. A friend was saying to me recently “mayo i really admire how you are able to move on/carry on in spite of situations”. Her statement  inspired me to write this post and I sat down and thought  “i have been through a lot of things in my young life” and believe me or not you can not compare what you have been through with anyone else’s, no matter how similar the situation or scenario may be.20170418_192544

Now I am not saying I am the only one that has gone through things in life, i am simply looking back to see how far i have come and what i have been through. I know some of you might be able to relate to this, where you sit back and think about what you have been through recently or generally in life. I am not the type to dwell on things or complain/moan during hard times i just simply get on with it and carry on.20170418_192511

This isn’t because I can’t show the emotions at that particular time, it’s more of me thinking what good will that do. I have found whenever I dwell and complain about situations it never changes anything, i don’t get any happier, the situation never gets better rather i waste time on it bringing myself down and allowing other people to use the situation i am in against me.

The amount of times I get unsolicited advice from people on issues that has nothing to do with them and the hurtful things they say made me decide I am better off moving on than dwelling/complaining about situations/circumstances.

Do you ever think back and say to yourself “I have been through a lot” ?

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