Fenty Beauty review, is it worth the hype?

I am back and I have missed you all my lovelies. It has been so long and a lot of you were beginning to wonder if I had quit blogging and the answer to that is No! Let me start by saying my absence hasn’t been on purpose and I have been working very hard behind the scene to bring you guys fresh , worthy and relevant contents with a revamped look. If you have been following my blog for a while you would have noticed the fresh new look on the site. I mean how gorgeous and perfect does the site look now?  Let me know your thoughts about the new look in the comment section below. Now let’s talk about the fenty beauty collections out so far and my thoughts on it. The initial release had the foundation shades, matte skinsticks, shimmer skinsticks, the gloss etc and I was able to get some few items that I needed from the collection. The second beauty release was the galaxy collection also called the holiday collection featuring shimmering metallics, liquid eyeliner and bright lip shades. I wasn’t keen about the colours and shimmer from the galaxy collection and after trying out samples I didn’t bother getting any products from that particular collection, it just wasn’t for me at all.


My focus today on this blog post would be about the initial release and the products I bought. The question on a lot of people’s mind is “is it really worth all the hype and queuing up?” and yes it really is worth it in my opinion. I was particularly in love with the variety of foundation shades and the natural matte look I get constantly from the foundation. I was able to find my perfect shade which was a huge relief for me. I have been wearing the foundation and primer almost every single day and still loving it. After almost 2 months since the launch I thought it was time to share with you my opinion and thoughts including the products I bought. I have seen/read a lot of 1st impression reviews about the collections but it’s usually difficult to truly judge how best a product would work long term from just 1st impression so that’s why I took it upon myself to use it for months before being able to decide if I will be going back for more. It has truly worked for my skin tone and I don’t have to mix different shades which is a plus. I can say without a doubt I will be adding the brand to my go-to.


Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

I don’t think I own any other matte foundation as I have always avoided it thinking it will dry out my face because of my dry skin. I decided to take the plunge on this one and am glad I did. I am using shade 440 and it’s the perfect match for my skin tone. Since I have been using it, there hasn’t been creases at all, no drying out and makes my face looks flawless. I can’t praise this foundation enough and I have been getting tons of compliments as well. It’s quite runny and light when pumped out of the bottle. It is meant to be a medium to full coverage with the opportunity to build it up to how you want it but I find it is a medium coverage for me. I usually have it on all day and I find it’s quite long-lasting and still intact after a whole day of activities.


Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

This is supposed to provide the perfect, retouched skin and act as a base for the foundation. I can see the difference in my pores after application and it does what it says on the bottle. I am not particularly crazy about the primer as there are so many other primers out there that could do the same too but I thought it would be nice to use it before the foundation to get the full effect hence why I bought it.



Precision Makeup Sponge 100

This 3-sided sponge is so cute and functional. I use this to apply my foundation as well because I didn’t buy the foundation brush. I always prefer to use sponge in applying foundation because of the flawless finish. I have been using this non-stop since I got it and also use it for buffing and stippling. Let’s say the blending game of this sponge is so strong hence it’s a yes from me!




Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Guys can I just tell you now, the shine on this is crazy like wow! It’s softens the lips as well and stays on for a very long time whilst moisturizing the lips. I have been getting some extra use by applying on eyelids as well “yes I said eyelids”. I found out about the eyelid application from one of the mua used as part of the launch who demonstrated how to make the most of the gloss bomb. I think the video might be on youtube if you want to check it out.


Match Stix Matte Skinstick

I bought the espresso matte skinstick to use as my contour and suede matte skinstick as my concealer. These are really great and application is very smooth hence you don’t need to be a makeup guru to get the hang of it for a flawless finish. I will definitely be getting more of this soon. Overall the magnetic attraction is a good bonus making it easier to find.



Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick

I am just so pleased that the shimmer skinstick can highlight, bronze, blush all in one. This is very handy for me and saves me having to have separate products for each. I bought the yacht lyfe shimmer skinstick as I prefer the colour to the rest of the sticks.  I hope to try out another colour from this shimmer range when next am getting more products, it’s a win for me!





Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

This is the blinding highlighter everyone’s been talking about, I mean have you seen the intensity of the shine? If you are craving that shine then this is definitely for you. It is claimed to be a 3D hyper-metallic gold and it glows/lights up any part of the body you apply it to. It really is a killer radiance but be gentle on application as a gentle stroke of the brush could go overboard and become too much.


Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush 120

When I bought this highlight brush I wasn’t sure  I would use it as I already have one I have been using and still love  but after first use I knew there was no going back. The way the brush has been shaped and curved is so precise and perfect and I can’t help but praise Rihanna on this collection. To get the most out of this brush it can be used on cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose, collarbone, brow bone and cheeks being the obvious one.





Did you get your hands on any of the fenty beauty products? let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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