It’s been far too long and apologies for the long silence over the months and Happy New Year to you all. For those following me on social media you already know I  have been spending so much time building my gift business from the ground up hence why I haven’t been able to dedicate much time for the blog last year.

A lot of you my lovelies have been emailing, contacting me via social media to find out if I will ever blog again and when! This is completely understandable since my last post was way back in May 2018. I will definitely be blogging alot more this year and I look forward to creating more fresh content. Please do leave me comments about what sort of topics you would prefer to see more of/ read about this year and I will aim to focus more on those preferred topics.

Things will definitely be shaping up differently on the blog this 2019 including fresh ideas. I love writing awesome content and that hasn’t changed so expect more! Let’s touch up on what I would be doing differently over here throughout the year.


I have neglected this category for far too long and I know it’s time to do something about it and take it to the next level. I will be announcing what I plan to do with this category soon so watch this space. If you also have any new suggestions you would like to mention regarding this, then please do leave a comment below. I tell you 2019 is all about making everything better than it was before so you can expect great things!


I barely posted in 2018 and that wasn’t my intention  at the start of last year so I have to put plans in place this year to ensure I write more blog posts frequently. New perspectives and ideas are high on the list and considering new ways to make the posts more engaging for you.


In order to bring you fresh and new contents I will be trying out alot more products. This will give me the opportunity to discover new things and write about what I really think about them.

I would love to grow my instagram following this year as well so if you are not following me on instagram yet then you can here

I look forward to a more exciting and fruitful 2019 journey together.

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