Tag Jewellery – Fontana bracelet Review

I absolutely love  adding accessories to my outfit as it takes the whole look to a whole new different level. So you can imagine my  excitement when I received this gorgeous 3 piece bracelet. This gold, silver  and rose gold crystal elasticated bracelet was sent to me by Tag Jewellery. I adore the look and…… Continue reading Tag Jewellery – Fontana bracelet Review


September Favourites & Thank you

I am so excited as i write this post because of 2 things. Firstly, I now have more than 200 followers on this blog which is so amazing as i didn’t think anyone would be interested in reading nor following my blog. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you, this truly means…… Continue reading September Favourites & Thank you


LEGEN…(wait for it) … DARY

Well well well look who finally made her first blog post (smiles). Hello everyone welcome to my blog and thanks for taking time to check it out means a lot to me (whoop whoop)!!! Can i just say this has been a long time coming and you know what they say better late than never.…… Continue reading LEGEN…(wait for it) … DARY