Tips on Goals and Aspirations 2017

Being a virgo has its perks and it means i like to stay very organised all the time. Every year i like to set my goals and aspirations like many of us do as i find it helps me stay on track and gives me the chance of spreading my wings and aiming high. Some…… Continue reading Tips on Goals and Aspirations 2017



As it was my birthday few days ago, (22nd sep) I wanted to share a bit more about myself so you my lovely readers can get to know me more on a personal note. Something different from the usual beauty/fashion/lifestyle posts, that i have been sharing since i started blogging. So i thought the best…… Continue reading 50 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME


Starting University?

I still remember vividly packing my bags and counting down to my very 1st day at uni.The sheer excitement of starting the unknown and moving unto the next chapter in life was such an amazing feeling. The day finally arrived leaving family/friends and the hustling/bustling of London to a more relaxed Brighton with a lovely beach…… Continue reading Starting University?


LEGEN…(wait for it) … DARY

Well well well look who finally made her first blog post (smiles). Hello everyone welcome to my blog and thanks for taking time to check it out means a lot to me (whoop whoop)!!! Can i just say this has been a long time coming and you know what they say better late than never.…… Continue reading LEGEN…(wait for it) … DARY